The Top 25 Bird Blogs


We sometimes forget how incredible birds truly are. They managed to master the art of flight 30,000 years before humans. Their incredible grace in the sky is only matched by their highly diverse species and behavior. At Bel-Rea, many of our students dedicate their lives to the protection and care of our feathered friends. However, we are not alone. Our passion is shared by incredible trainers, photographers, writers, and enthusiasts. That’s why we’re proud to present Bel-Rea’s Top 25 Bird Blogs.

Students With Birds – A musician, artist and writer with a passion for parrots and a flock of her own.

Birdchick –  An incredibly entertaining blog from a woman who’s traveled the world from Kazakhstan to Israel.

The Accidental Birder – Not everyone’s born with their passion for birds. Like The Accidental Birder, some of us find it with the most inspiring, humorous experiences.

Words On Birds – Intriguing stories from a passionate bird enthusiast who’s selflessly dedicated much of his life to learning about our feathered friends.

A DC Birding Blog – The perfect source of news and current events for everything bird-related.

International Bird Rescue – For over 40 years, this legendary organization has been a life-saving source for birds involved in more than 200 different  oil spills and disasters.

Cream Tea Birding – Discover a fun and entertaining approach to the world of birds from a European perspective.

Parrot Parrot – The perfect site for parrot lovers, focusing both on new owners and experienced veterans.

Cockatiel Cottage – One of the best blogs for bird care and treatment, especially if you love Cockatiels.

Trained Parrot – A highly-entertaining wealth of knowledge filled with clever posts and Youtube videos featuring an intelligent cast of beautiful parrots.

The Zen Birdfeeder – Who ever said birds couldn’t be the perfect source of peace and relaxation?

Parrot Nation – The perfect resource for parrot care, treatment, and amazing homemade parrot treats.

Outside My Window – Incredible photography and writing from a woman truly passionate about the world of birds.

The Urban Birder – Living in a big city makes it easy to miss things. The Urban Birder rises above the skyscrapers to open the world of birds back up to us.

Stokes Birding Blog – This bird duo’s shared passion for our feathered friends is expressed with incredible photography and writing in their highly-intriguing blog.

Ecobirder – Using a combination of clever writing and his own photography, the Ecobirder truly paints an inspiring picture of the nature around us.

The Birdchaser – A veteran of birding with a passion for world travel, resulting in some highly intriguing experiences.

Dan Tallman’s Bird Blog – Dan’s collection of books and blog posts feature an amazing cornucopia of close-up photos displaying a barrage of birds and other wildlife.

Shorebirder – Roaming the coast of New Haven County, this bird enthusiast takes a unique approach, focusing his efforts where the ocean meets the land.

Gordon’s Birding Adventures – “Adventures” is the right word. Gordon manages to turn his passion for birds into an unforgettable journey with every posts.

Rondeau Ric – Hailing from the northern reaches of Ontario, Canada, Rondeau Ric takes a strong approach by allowing his pictures to do most of the talking.

Philly Bird Nerd – A highly entertaining blog that expresses every bird story with joy, triumph, determination and a respect for our feathered friends.

Butler’s Birds – An energetic and humorous blog featuring Mr. Butler on his exciting birding adventures.

Bangkok City Birding – Discover an international perspective within the world of birds from a city populated with over 6 million people and a diversity of birds to match.

The Rulers Of The Sky – A Tumblr blog filled to the brim with incredible photos getting close and personal with birds of prey.