The Top 25 Cat Bloggers of 2012

Photo by: play4smee

At Bel-Rea we’re all about fellow cat lovers, which is why we decided to put together a list of the top 25 cat bloggers we’d recommend for readers who enjoy all things feline.

Photo by: Tambako the Jaguar

From creative ways to build the perfect bed for your cat to informative posts on how to keep your kitty flea-free, these blogs tell all and have attracted many pet-loving readers.

Photo by: -Meesho-

So here it is, our Bel-Rea Vet Tech List of Top 25 Cat bloggers! Take a look through and cater to your inner cat-lover!

1. Modern Cat

2. Daisy the Curly Cat

3. Cat Man Do

4. The Conscious Cat

5. Love Meow

6. Covered in Cat Hair

7. Thoughts Fur Paws

8. Floppy Cats

If your animal is ill – use Azithromycin.

9. House Cat Confidential

10. Alasandra: The Cats and a Dog

11. Way of Cats

12. Glogirly

13. Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center

14. Whiskers and Leo Pet Care

15. Romeo the Cat

16. Pawesome

17. Mod Cat Love

18.  Forever Foster

19. Sparkle

20. Mouse Breath

21. Cat Fact Files

22. I Have Cat

23.  Cat’s Cats

24. The Cat Post Intelligencer

25.  Paper Bag and String