What to Know About Breeders

If you’re looking for a new pup to bring home, you may be considering many different options. At Bel-Rea we recommend seeking out local animal shelters to find a furry match for you. If you already have a breed in mind you can often put yourself on a specific breed waiting list. However, if you do have your mind set on utilizing a breeder, we’ve put together a list of 5 qualities to look for in a good one.

1. They Will Ask You a LOT of Questions

A good breeder will want to find the best possible home for her liter, which means you should expect to answer a lot of questions. These questions may include what your work schedule is like, what your yard layout is like, and what the people you live with are like as a few examples. If the breeder you’re considering fails to ask you any questions, consider it a red flag and a sign to contact a new breeder.

2. They’ll Take Your Dog Back if You Can’t Keep It

Good breeders do not want their dogs to end up in animal shelters, which means that they’ll want you to contact them if you find yourself unable to keep the dog.

3. Offer a Life-Long Guarantee

Good breeders offer a life-long guarantee of the dogs they breed. This means no genetic problems or diseases should arise in your pet throughout her life. Responsible breeders do this because they do their best to ensure that both parents are free of genetic risk.

4. They Offer References

A good breeder will always provide you with a list of references; it goes without saying, but good breeders should have an extensive list of people you can refer to on their behalf. That way you can hear from other pet owners like you to ensure you’re working with a reliable breeder.

5.  Paperwork

A good breeder will provide you with pedigrees to ensure you that the dogs are healthy and pure bred.

Stick to this list, and you’ll be sure to find the breeder (and the dog) you’ve been looking for.