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Janet King, AAS, BS, CVT

Janet King, AAS, BS, CVT
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  • Instructor, Lead Faculty Supervisor (Student Concerns).

Classes/Labs/Rotations Taught: 

  • Anesthesia.
  • Pre-Clinical.

Additional Duties:

  • Faculty supervision.
  • Online Competency Checklist Administrator.
  • Oversees off-campus labs at the Aurora Animal Shelter, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, and Spay Today/Neuter Now.
  • Readmission Board Member.
  • Internship Board Member.


Janet was born in Evanston, Illinois and grew up in Racine, Wisconsin.  She graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a BS degree in Microbiology.  Following graduation, Janet moved to Colorado.  After working in a lab for a few years, she decided to attend Bel-Rea to become a veterinary technician.  Janet worked at small animal clinics, at an emergency clinic and at a large 24 hr specialty hospital. Janet was given the opportunity to teach Microbiology at Bel-Rea and realized then that she loves to teach.  The class she enjoys most is Pre-Clinical because the faculty and students get to give back to the community by spaying and neutering dogs and cats for the Aurora Animal Shelter.  In turn, Bel-Rea's students gain valuable hands-on experience.  Instructor since 1987.


  • Authored a book chapter on Transfusion Medicine in the Manual of Small Animal Postoperative Care.

Special Interests:

  • Traveled to Kenya, Africa on a Rabies vaccine/Spay Neuter Campaign Fall 2016.
  • Working on AAHA Accreditation.
  • A cat named Badger and a dog named Daisy, both adopted when they came through Bel-Rea from the Aurora Animal Shelter to be spayed/neutered!

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